Best Practices for Using Role-Based Permissions

Protecting your sensitive contract data while providing adequate access to those who need it requires a flexible and easy-to-administer approach to roles and permissions. Here are some best practices for implementing role-based permissions using contract management software.

Why We Chose and Recommend Microsoft Azure

Selecting a cloud provider is an important and strategic business decision for any IT leader. Here are 5 reasons why we chose and recommend Microsoft Azure — security, scalability, support, ease of administration, and integration.

Why You Need a Clause and Template Library

If you aren’t using clause and template libraries then you’re putting your contracts and your organization at risk. They help assemble contracts faster, increase compliance of approved language use, and shorten legal reviews. Learn how easy they are to build, use, and maintain.

Striving for Success in Contract Management

We know the decision to adopt contract management software can be overwhelming, especially if your PMO is spreadsheets, Word docs, and email. Our dedicated Customer Success Managers are with you every step of the way answering questions, offering best practices, and solving problems.

4 Easy Steps to Creating a New Contract

Creating new contracts is easy, fast, and efficient using contract management software. Learn how with these four easy steps. Convert requests to contracts with one click, tailor data entry forms by contract type, and quickly build agreements with clause and template libraries.



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