3 Ways to Manage a Certificate of Insurance

Figuring out the most effective way to manage a Certificate of Insurance (COI) is an important part of any contract management process. This article looks at three typical use cases and approaches to handling COIs using our contract management software.

4 Common Contract Management Problems…and How to Solve Them

This article looks at four common contract management problems we regularly hear from prospects such as missed renewals, lack of visibility, ensuring compliance, and version control. Read more to learn how to easily solve these issues and others with an effective and modern approacht to contract management.

It’s Time to Rethink Your Contract Cover Sheet

Many organizations using manual contract management methods still leverage a paper-based contract cover page to track agreements and who in the process has reviewed and approved them. Contract management software gives you an automated, digital, and real-time alternative to track the stage and status of contracts, ensure compliance to business rules, and ultimately shorten contract cycles.

7 Ways to Mitigate Contract Risk

This article, part 4 of our risk management series, examines 7 ways you can mitigate contract risk using contract management software. Risk management is an increasingly important topic for anyone involved in contract management.

How to Assess Risk in Your Contracts

In order to accurately and adequately assess risk in your contracts you need to evaluate the probability and consequence it occurring. From there, you can apply risk scores and acceptable tolerance levels as part of your overall risk management strategy. Learn how.



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