Two Tips for Automating Your CLM Process

Many organizations still rely on manual and disjointed activities as part of their contract lifecycle management process which exposes your business to risk, inefficiency, and confusion. Let’s look at two key examples of how our contract management software helps streamline and automate your CLM process and the benefits it provides your organization.

A Recipe for Contract Lifecycle Management Success

During the holidays, I have some tried-and-true favorite recipes but like to mix things up every year by adding a little something new. I’ve found that the best cookies follow a recipe but leave room for me to add my own personal touch. The same could also be said for the way you position yourself for contract management success. Here are some key ingredients to any successful CLM recipe.

10 CLM Best Practices for Digital Contract Transformation – Part 1

This article is Part 1 of a two-part series that looks at 10 of the top CLM best practices you can implement to support digital contract transformation and increase the overall effectiveness of your contract management strategy. Read more to learn how to shorten contract cycles, uncover hidden contract risks and opportunities, and automate your process to gain a competitive edge in your buy-side and sell-side contracts.

CLM that Works Just Like a Search Engine

What if you could easily search all your contracts for answers and insights just like you do with Google? With Contract Logix, you can. Our software’s powerful search engine lets you quickly find everything about your contracts, contacts, documents, organizations, dates, and any other information.

3 Reasons for Data-Driven Contract Lifecycle Management

Understanding the advantages and importance of data-driven contract lifecycle management is critical to any organization’s digital transformation. After all, contracts contain some of the most important data that you can leverage to deliver valuable and actionable business intelligence.

Custom Line Item Tracking for Buy- and Sell-Side Contracts

Our Custom Line Item capability is great for procurement, sales, legal, and finance teams who want to easily track exactly what they are buying, selling, or specifying in contracts. A few line item examples include products, services, approved contractors, providers, insurance requirements, payment schedules, and more.



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