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User Types

User Types For Our Contract Management Software

Contract Logix makes managing access to your contracts and data simple and flexible by offering multiple user types at varying price points. Below are the User Types offered by Contract Logix. Both the Professional and Enterprise Systems start off with included licensing for users, but you can add-on as many as you require.

Full Access User

Full Access Users hold the keys to the kingdom. These are your Powers Users who add, edit, and manage contracts and related documents and data.

Casual Access User

Casual Access Users are typically those who need access to all documents and data, but on a less frequent basis. These are typically those who need to review and/or approve portions of contracts based on criteria such as legal terms and financial impact.

Read-Only Access User

Read-Only Users do not have permission to edit documents or adjust data. They typically are responsible for searching for and retrieving agreements and running reports.

Named & Concurrent Licensing Options

User Licenses are offered in Named, Concurrent and Hybrid models, to ensure your users have access to the System.

"Pack" Pricing Available for User Licensing

We offer multiple “Pack” pricing for adding and purchasing users in bulk.

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Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single-Sign On (SSO) functionality provides users with a one-time user name and password entry to access the Contract Logix System. Utilizing SSO reduces time, eases administration, and provides greater controls over your IT related security. Contract Logix supports multiple options and technologies for configuring SSO, to make sure it easily integrates into your existing IT access controls.

Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0 (SAML 2.0)

Active Directory Federation Systems (ADFS)

Active Pass-Thru, (AD)

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Role-Based Security.

Contract Logix has comprehensive, role-based security for ultimate security of your contract documents, data and the complete system feature-set. Every option within the system is available within our security designer, including complex options supporting the ever-changing roles for contract management. Add unlimited roles, and assign roles to groups and users. All user types support role-based security features, so you can customize exactly who, what, when and where. Below are a few of the features of Contract Logix Role-based Security.

Control security of Contract Logix System Feature-set.

Control Access by Contract Type & Categories.

Change security based on Stages and Statuses of contracts, to enforce policies.

Add Clause, Template and Language Security Options.

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The IACCM estimates the cost of inefficient contract management to be more than 9% of total annual revenue.

Source: The International Association for Contract & Commercial Management

User Comparison.

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Reviews and Approvals
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Casual User

Read-Only User



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