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Securely and easily find, access and manage contracts from anywhere & on any device

Centralize contracts in a dynamic and digital repository with complete visibility and control

Search, filter & report on any and all contract information and language

Quickly request, create, review and edit documents and supporting contract materials

Automate contract workflows and increase collaboration and compliance

Save Time. Optimize Your Business

For Your Process

Manage all phases of both pre and post contract execution.

For Your Industry

Business insights that empower regulated industries.

For Your Department

Enable your departments and roles for effective contracting.

Take Advantage of Smart Contract Technologies


Get real-time business insights on any level of contract-related information with reports and dashboards

Accurately organize contracts using versioning and real-world ‘binders’ for amendments

Easily view contract relationships such as parent-child or organization-to-contract

Gain knowledge on business processes with contract stage and status tracking and KPIs

Eliminate missed dates, opportunities and obligations using automated alerts & notifications

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