Contract Logix Publishes “Contract Management KPIs: Ammunition for Optimization”

New White Paper Details Ten Key Performance Indicators for Contract Management

Lowell, MA -Contract Logix, LLC – a long-time developer of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software solutions – announced today the publication of a new white paper exploring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for successful contract management. Titled “Contract Management KPIs: Ammunition for Optimization,” this publication examines how contract management professionals can use data from their contract management processes to benchmark, and eventually optimize, those processes.

“Contracts and their associated processes contain vast amounts of data, all of it valuable in some way,” notes Contract Logix Vice President of Marketing, Bill Muller. “Whether it’s the amount of time between steps in your processes or time spent achieving certain milestones, these data points can be translated into KPIs that help you measure and improve performance throughout your department or organization.”

“Contract Management KPIs: Ammunition for Optimization” presents ten of the most common KPIs that can be applied universally across most organizations, leading to analysis of trends that help streamline processes for increased revenue, decreased expenses, and mitigated risk.

Download the full white paper here, or visit for more resources and information.

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