Comprehensive Training for Contract Logix.

Comprehensive orientation and training is integral to the success of a software implementation process; lack of adequate user adoption is a major reason software implementations fail.  People by nature are creatures of habit, resistant to change. Contract Logix’s contract management training services leverages an experienced-based change management strategy to ensure user adoption.

Contract Logix trainers are an integral part of your professional services team.  Training sessions are directly aligned with the phases of your project plan for a relevant, highly focused approach to onboarding.

Contract Logix offers several training options, including live online classes, on-demand tutorials, and on-site training depending upon your needs and the complexity of the implementation.

Contract Logix uses a “train the trainer” approach. We train your Power Users, who will then be assisted by your Contract Logix Customer Success Manager (CSM) during the various configuration phases of the project.

Your trainer and CSM will provide you with all the tools you need to make the most of your partnership with Contract Logix.

Contract Management Training Services

“Change before you have to.” Jack Welch

Best-in-Class companies average 85% of purchasing transactions compliant with contracts vs. 30% for all others.

Source: Aberdeen Group: “Contract Management: Key Attributes and Best-in –Class Results”

Successful Training, Leads to Better User Adoption.

Set User Expectations

To your users, Contract Logix is new, so your first task is to give them an overview (training) and to set expectations—what they can expect from the application and what you expect from them.

Hands-On Training

Don’t make users figure out how hypothetical data applies to their situation. One way to get users excited is to let them see their data within the system. Show them firsthand what Contract Logix can do for THEM.

Standardize Your Process

Take advantage of your new system. Use this as an opportunity to roll out more effective processes that make life easier for users.

On-going Training

Some people think you train users once and you’re done. But successful training isn’t a one-shot effort, so don’t take any shortcuts. Be sure to follow up over time because by then, users will have a whole new set of questions.

Why Contract Logix Training?

We are one of the longest tenured companies in the Contract Management space with nearly two decades’ experience. Our experienced trainers will teach you to get the most out of your Contract Management Solution.

Trainers have years’ of experience, training hundreds of unique business users and customers.

Convenient training options to help you get the most out of your system and schedule.

We’ve trained customers in more than 50 different industries and all business sizes.

Contract Management Training Services



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