Professional – Core System

Core System & Central Repository.

Accelerate your processes with Contract Logix’s Professional Central Repository. Achieve complete visibility and control of every contract throughout your business. Our professional solutions provide your departments and company with the tools needed to manage and track your contracts – from start to finish. The Central Repository puts the right features in your users’ hands, critical to driving business value and success. With Contract Logix, you will empower users with the right overall contract management best practices throughout your business. And, the system is easy-to-use and intuitive to address your business users current and future CLM needs.

Departmental or Business-wide System.

Empower users with the right contract management features and best practices.

Achieve complete visibility and control over all of your contract documents and data.

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Professional Contract Lifecycle Management

Businesses require actionable data throughout every level of the organization. Contract Logix maintains a singular focus on CLM solutions designed to increase access to the information driving these results.

Source: Michael Melville, Chief Executive Officer, Contract Logix  Leadership

Professional Features.

Empower your users with Contract Logix’s Central Repository feature-set. The best-in-class repository gives you all the tools to be successful!

Central Repository

Securely store, manage, and track all of your contract data, documents and supporting materials. The Central Repository has all of the features you would expect in an enterprise-level solution.

Amazing Flexibility

The Central Repository is one-of-a-kind. Its configurable options and flexibility are unmatched, meaning you can ensure the system is exact for your business needs.

Complete Records Management

Manage EVERY contract record with ease, by leveraging visible, centralized data.

Complete Document Management

Centralize ALL of your documents and supporting materials. Complete Document Management functionality to search, store, edit, review, approve, and execute your documents.

Convenient Search Features

Whether you need to search by data criteria, or full-text, Contract Logix’s extensive search features are powerful and exact.

Contract Types and Categories

Capture and manage contracts by Types, Family, or Category. Each contract is different – this lets you capture the exact information for each and every contract type.

Dashboards and To Do Lists

Convenient Dashboards and To Do lists, make it clear on not only what’s going on in the System, but tells users exactly what they need to complete – and when.

Proactive Email Alerts and Events

Stay alerted of every key contract date, event, action item, and more. Contract Logix’s proactive email alerts, combined with calendars and to do lists, ensures users are always aware of the task at hand.

Configurable Data

Don’t just capture basic contract details, capture everything related! Contract Logix lets you capture details, company info, dates, simple and complex fee schedules, and any custom info you need.

Fee Schedules

Staying on top of the “dollars and cents” is important. Contract Logix gives you multiple options to better understand payments and expenses, products and services and more.

Action Items and Workflow

Drive the process and stay aware of what needs to be completed, who’s responsible, priority, due dates, and the latest status on EVERY task. Action Items provide users a clear overview.

Audit and History Trails

Need to see every update, change, and version of a contract? Powerful Auditing and History trails gives you a 360-degree view of what’s occurred.

Email and Correspondence

Send, receive, and sync emails throughout the system. Contract Logix provides you with email, letters, and correspondence throughout the system. You never have to leave!

Role-based Security

Every single feature and option within Contract Logix has role-based security. Control access to data, documents by Type, Family, Category, and more. Better yet, ensure the right user is leveraging the right tools throughout the system.

Collaboration Tools

Let’s Collaborate! Contract Logix provides numerous tools throughout the system to fit your process. Check-in and Out Documents, Email, notifications and more.

User Access

It’s not just about role-based security. Contract Logix offers complete control over your Users and gives you the flexibility of User Types, so you can provide the right level of access to your contracts.

Calendar of Events

Ever want to view all of your key contract dates and tasks over time? Contract Logix has a contract-centric calendar, letting your users know exactly what event is happening.


With 4 different reporting options, you will always be able to get the information you need, in the right format. Contract Logix has Standard Reports, Ad-hoc (Custom) Reporting, Profile Reports, and more. Create and schedule reports in many different formats.

…and so much more. These are just a few of the features Contract Logix has to offer. To find out more about all of the system’s capabilities, please schedule a live system demo. We’ll walk you through it, from start to finish.

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Pricewaterhouse Coopers has found that 12% of a company’s total annual costs may be devoted to contract management and administrative tasks.

Source: Pricewaterhouse Cooper



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