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Contract Management Industry Solutions

Serving a range of industries since 1997.

Contract Logix is an affordable and easy-to-use contract management software solution developed to scale and grow with your organization. Its' modular approach lets each system be designed around any-sized organizations' current or growing requirements - providing a precise solution that optimizes operational efficiency, and reduces contract management requirements.

Contract Logix's integrated and comprehensive suite of contract management tools can provide significant value to any business and industry type, but the common benefit is to have complete control over all your contracts and business agreements.

Benefits include

Let us provide your organization a leading contract management solution!

  • Greatly improves management of contracts and business agreements across your entire enterprise, maximizing the value of each and every business agreement.
  • Improved, more streamlined contract management lifecycle by drastically reducing contract management time and simplifying administration requirements.
  • Comprehensive set of contract management tools streamline the entire contract lifecycle for any type of contract or business agreement - from initial negotiation, creation/authoring, managing, searching, tracking, reporting, and more.
  • Fast Return on Investment.
  • Greatly improves management information and helps drive better management decisions with its analysis tools and standard and ad-hoc reporting capabilities.
  • Flexible configuration options allow organizations to make modifications and customize the user interface to fit their needs.
  • Produce more accurate company records by tracking all modifications to contract data - leading to better contract consistency and compliance.
  • Powerful action items and sophisticated tracking features help you stay in full control of your contract obligations such as dates, events, commitments, fee schedules, and payments.
  • Central repository, means accessing contract and agreement data from any location in your entire enterprise is fast, easy, and reliable.
  • Advanced contract search capabilities enable rapid contract retrieval and comparison using a wide range of querying and reporting tools.
  • Advanced workflow creation/authoring tools help automate contract approvals, escalations and more.
  • Expedite contract creation and negotiation by providing personnel with a libraries of contract templates, approved language, and even "alternative" language.
  • Collaboration tools such as redlining, history/audit trails, check-in/check-out version control (revision tracking) improve communication, enforce control, and accelerate contract creation and negotiation ensuring contracts are negotiated and created quickly and accurately.

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