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Realize a Return On Investment

How will your company realize ROI with Contract Logix Contract Management System?

The Contract Logix contract management system is designed to maximize the value of your contracts and agreements. Reduce Costs, Reduce Risk, Realize Revenue Faster, Maintain Compliance Standards, and SOX Compliance.

Perform more work with less headcount
Users get more done in much less time
Identify inefficiencies in your approval chain which cause delays and confusion
Improved accuracy and control of contract language reduces or eliminates costs due to errors
Allow external parties to perform "self service" of their contract
Negotiate and execute contracts in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional office software
Eliminate the expense of file cabinets or storage facilities of
paper contracts

Centrally control the integrity of your company's approved contract language If the wrong language is used in your contract, how much might that cost you or your company?
Know every instance where someone internal or external has deviated from your approved contract language Has anyone tried to change language
in one of your contracts without your knowledge? Do you know?
Put a stop to employees making unauthorized changes to contract language
Control Renegade Employees
Sales discounts too aggressive, dollars left in a project budget drop below a certain level, spending limits exceeded, purchase amount exceeds department budget, etc.
Be alerted to any conditions which go outside your preset thresholds
All contracts are stored electronically in a central data repository which authorized users can immediately access anywhere they have an internet connection
Eliminate the risk of having to make uninformed decisions because you do not immediate access to your contracts and contract data.

If you could cut the time it takes to get to sales contract execution by 50% how would that impact your revenue numbers?
Know instantly if a contract has been approved, denied, etc. so you can react quicker
Access contracts and contract data anywhere you have an internet connection

If one of your contracts automatically renewed without your knowledge how much could that potentially cost your company?
Is your company failing to take advantage of vendor rebates because you do not have a system in place to keep you aware of these conditions?
How much would you benefit from being automatically alerted to all important milestones related to your contracts?

If your company is audited, are you prepared? What would it cost you today to compile your contract history for an audit?