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Contract Tracking

Contract Management Research, Reports and White Papers provide a wealth of contract related information!

Contract Logix, LLC.'s Research, Reports and White Papers give you a wealth of information about contract management, contract management software selection, and other associated topics such as contract tracking software and contract tracking features. Please choose from the documents or related topics below. If you require information or have questions concerning topics that may not be listed, please contact us.

Contract Management: The Quote to Cash Cycle

Cycle times with contract creation, negotiation and approval, can create bottlenecks in your contract process!

Contracts are a dynamic representation of an enterprise's relationship with its customers. In this electronic age, and more importantly, going forward, paper-based records are likely to become a thing of the past. It will become more and more essential for enterprises to have data such as that within any sales contract, at their fingertips. Amongst a range of other things, this sort of data will be used for historical analysis, as well as forecasting and risk assessment and analysis.

According to the 189 participants of this study, the percentage of an enterprise's revenue that is dictated by a contract will increase from 56% to 68% on average over the next two years. The trend is clearly that enterprises increasingly want contracts in place with their customers and vice-versa. Apart from the increased contract data that needs to be monitored there is also the issue of cycle times with contract creation, negotiation and approval, which can pose as bottlenecks. Download & Review Report

Contract Management: In the Mid-Market

Impacts such as these on mid-market companies can result in fairly severe consequences!

The major goal for contract management within any company is to ensure that its commitments and obligations to customers and suppliers are clearly visible to the right people in the organization and that they are executed upon. (Contract Tracking) A contract that an enterprise has with its suppliers or its customers is what determines pricing structures, volume discounts, delivery times, rebates, service - level agreements and many other key aspects, all of which are essential to controlling the two most important factors in any business: expenses and revenue. These disjointed and largely manual processes used to manage the lifecycle of a contract can lead to a significant impact on the enterprise, as shown below. Impacts such as these on mid-market companies can result in fairly severe consequences. Download & Review Report