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Contract Software Implementation Process

Time tested implementation process

We use a phased implementation process and "Best Practices" approach to guide you throughout the process. Most implementation plans are based on the customers timeline and needs, allowing us to remain flexible to meet your demands.

Kick-Off meeting

The first key project milestone is the "Kick-Off" meeting. This meeting will be between your implementation manager and the key stakeholder's from your company. Typical attendees will include the project manager, contract administrator/lead, and IT support person. Of course, the attendees depend on the size of your project team and the organizational structure. For smaller clients, it may be just one person. Essentially, it's an interactive informational session to ensure all parties are comfortable with the overall project plan.

The key discussion areas include:

  • • Who are the key project contacts (Contract Logix and Client)?
  • • Current state and nature of contracts
  • • Does client have internal target date or any impediments that require delaying project   start date?
  • • Review project phases
  • • Address any overall client questions/concerns

Software installation and acquisition

The sales cycle helped you decide the best platform for your implementation. Installation can coincide with coordination of the "Kick-Off" call but clients should generally be installed prior to the initial training. The Contract Logix technical team schedules an installation time and date with the customer to accomplish the installation via remote web service. Essentially, our team members will remote into your environment and perform the installation process.

There are different deployment models and each has a unique installation path:

  • • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • • Client Server (On-premise)
  • • Web (On-premise)
  • • Hosted (On-premise)

Client/Customer Roles

It is important to identify the key staff roles to support your new software. This may range from one person doing all respective roles or the roles may be separated between organizational entities. This will ensure your issue resolution process is a great experience.


Successful training is a crucial factor to the project's success.

There are three "Core classes" that ALL customers attend (in sequence):

  • • Basic User training
  • • Administrative training (Basic Painters)
  • • Reports training

NOTE: We recommend clients take Basic User training and Administrative training within a five business day time span (preferably less). This will allow you to start the configuration stage of the application soon after you are familiar with end user tasks. We suggest report training after you have configured the system and entered contracts so the reports can be viewed and tested with actual data. This is normally 2-3 weeks after Administrative training.

Additionally, "Advanced" and "Refresher" training courses are also available.

Data Conversion Services

If you have existing contract data available in a supported file format we can convert and import your current data into the Contract Logix contract management software application.

Contract Logix Conversion Specialist will work directly with user representatives from the company to obtain all current data needed to be converted for Contract Logix. This option also requires much of the customer's time in determining the proper mapping of data from current system into Contract Logix and working with the conversion specialist to correct or normalize the data. In addition to data conversion, the customer may also elect to have lookup table information converted. The goal in using this method is to convert all legacy data into Contract Logix by utilizing custom fields and by creating custom data screens where necessary.

Configuration / Customizing Contract Logix

During the installation process you received the software in accordance with the software modules you purchased. This is surely an exciting time but it is recommended that the customer attend and complete the Administrative and Basic training classes before the configuration is attempted. These classes provide a core understanding of how the system works, and can also provide the customer with some great ideas on how to get started quickly and provide common business practices. When training is completed we will work closely with you to provide advice or support during this process. We also have consulting services which can assist in building the system to best meet your needs.

Contract Logix provides the customer with several configuration tools you can use to ensure the configuration process goes smoothly.