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Automate Processes and Procedures with Contract Software

Contract Logix will automate your internal contract management processes and procedures.

Contract Logix remains enthusiastic and dedicated to delivering market-leading contract management software and products that meet and exceed customer expectations. Contract Logix's range of contract management software products are designed and built with our customers in mind. Each feature and function within our contract management software has been built around a specific job function enabling a sound, "Best Practices" approach.

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Contract Management Process and Procedures

Contract Logix is there throughout every phase of your contracts process!

  • New Contract Requests
  • Capture Data
  • Contract Authoring and Creation
  • Collaboration and Negotiations
  • Reviews and Approvals
  • Signatures and Execution (Hardcopy and Electronic/Digital Signatures)
  • Post-Execution Tracking and Management (Manage Commitments and Obligations)
  • Contract Reporting and Analysis
  • Server-side processing of workflows, alerts, and other processes - NEW
  • Real-time JSON/REST API integration with CRM, ERP, financial, and other systems - NEW
  • SAML Single Sign-on (SSO) federated authentication - NEW
  • Renewals

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