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Contract Software Data Migration

We can convert and import all of your existing data and documents.

If you have existing contract data available in a supported file format we can convert and import your current data into the Contract Logix contract management software application.

Contract Logix Conversion Specialist will work directly with user representatives from the company to obtain all current data needed to be converted for Contract Logix. This option also requires much of the customer's time in determining the proper mapping of data from current system into Contract Logix and working with the conversion specialist to correct or normalize the data. In addition to data conversion, the customer may also elect to have lookup table information converted. The goal in using this method is to convert all legacy data into Contract Logix by utilizing custom fields and by creating custom data screens where necessary.

Contract Data Conversion Services

We'll systematically convert and import all of your existing data!

With our data conversion services, it is important to know that your data is in good hands. Our data coversion specialists will systematically convert your contract data, ensuring the most accurate data transfer. They will also massage your data if needed, eliminating concerns about extended downtime or accuracy. Our conversion services will make the move from your current system or methods to Contract Logix quick and easy - with no hours of manual data entry!

Data Conversions are a priority at Contract Logix. Throughout implementation your conversion specialist will work directly with you.

Benefits of Data Conversion!

Our conversion services help get you up and running quickly and accurately with little to no downtime!