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Contract Lifecycle

Flexible, yet powerful contract management software.

Contract Logix remains enthusiastic and dedicated to delivering market-leading contract lifecycle management software and products that meet and exceed customer expectations. Contract Logix's range of contract management software products are designed and built with our customers in mind. Each feature and function within our contract management software has been built around a specific job function enabling a sound, "Best Practices" approach.

Contract Logix's products are easy-to-use and flexible, and they're quick and easy to deploy into your business process. We understand that each organization - right down to the end user - has their own set of requirements and needs. That's why we offer various Editions all built on the same leading architecture. Since our contract management solutions can be deployed in web, Internet-Only applications, client/server models, and hosted delivery models, the flexible solutions make it easy to integrate our software into your technical environments and systems.

With Contract Logix, organizations can tightly integrate any Edition of software into their existing infrastructures and data models. This ensures little downtime and quick installation and deployment.

Each system deployed allows full configuration of defined screens, roles, and views - allowing organizations to utilize only the features related to specific job functions. Organizations can rules and options - right down to the field level.

Our contract lifecycle management software solutions are designed upon high-performance back-end database technology (Microsoft SQL), providing superior local and wide-area network performance! This helps manage the information complexity, while ensuring data is consistent and ready to deliver across your enterprise.

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