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Enterprise Edition Contract Solution

Robust, contract management across your entire enterprise!

Contract Management Solution of Enterprises

Contract Logix's Enterprise Edition is one of the most complete and robust Contract Management Systems available today. It's perfect for mid to large sized organizations looking to better organize and manage their contract documents, data and process. The system is comprehensive, and incorporates all of the functionality needed to manage, track, and automate every single step within your contract lifecycle. The Enterprise Edition supports any size organization with its' incorporated features, such as; advanced workflow automation tools, contract creation and authoring tools (clause and template library), and built in system integration features (Import and Export Modules.) This helps to not only provide better contract visibility, but also ensures you have the proper management tools in place throughout the enterprise. Plus it comes with all the powerful features found in the Professional Edition.

Start saving your most valuable company asset - time and money - by drastically reducing the effort and time it takes to manage your complex contract lifecycle. Simplify contract administration, data entry, reporting, searching, tracking, reviews and approvals, termination and renewals, and much more. Contract Logix's Enterprise Edition of contract software will streamline the entire process! Whether you're looking to simply manage post execution, or you require all the bells and whistles for more complex processes - Contract Logix's Enterprise Edition can help!

Its' powerful features are flexible, yet intuitive and easy to use. With the Contract Logix System you can manage any type of contract, business agreement, or related contract data. The best part of all; the system can be as simple to sophisticated as you need today and grow with your business for tomorrow. The Enterprise Edition will provide you total control over your contracts and related processes across the entire enterprise!

Enterprise Edition At a Glance

Comprehensive Contract Management Software Features

Below you'll find a few of the most common features within the Contract Logix Contract Management System. There are many other features available, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you'd like to view a system demonstration. View the Feature Guide for other available features

Core System Features

  • For up to unlimited users at one or more sites
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS, Hosted), On-premise Client/Server, & On-premise Web/Internet Deployment Options Learn More
  • Central Repository for all of your contract documents and data
  • Comprehensive Data Collection and Management tools for capturing unlimited custom data, fee schedules, contacts, stakeholders information, and more
  • Proactive Email Alerts, Reminders, To Do Lists, Calendars, Action Items, and more
  • Full-Text and Criteria-based Searching to quickly find and locate contract documents and data
  • Complete Document Management for adding, editing, or creating contract documents
  • Integrated Microsoft Word Features for ease of use and user adoption
  • Enhanced Document Scanning features with accurate OCR
  • Standard and Ad-Hoc Reporting features let you create unlimited custom reports turning your data into effective management tools
  • Single or Multi-party Reviewing or Approvals
  • Electronic Signatures: Paperless Contract Execution
  • Robust, Role-based Security for all system features and contract data
  • Audit Trail and document history features help maintain compliance and minimize risk
  • Electronic and letter-based correspondence via email or document templates
  • Server-side processing of workflows, alerts, and other processes - NEW
  • Real-time JSON/REST API integration with CRM, ERP, financial, and other systems - NEW
  • SAML Single Sign-on (SSO) federated authentication - NEW
  • Robust request module allowing contracts to be generated from anywhere, anytime - NEW
  • Full integration with EchoSign, Docusign, and Sertifi electronic signature software
  • Complete Training and System Consulting Services Provided Learn More

Included Modules

  • Workflow Module: Advanced workflow creation and authoring tools for automating processes and procedures (Approvals, Review, E-Sign, etc.) More Details...
  • Contract Creation Module: Contract Creation Tools (Clause / Template Libraries of Approved Language) More Details...
  • System Integration Modules: Send and receive data between other systems (Import and Export Modules) More Details...
  • Email Manager Module: Complete Email Manager with both Send and Receive Email Options More Details...

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