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  • Choose Software Edition
  • General
  • Maximum Number of Users The Maximum number of users for use in this feature guide is based on Named Users. Contract Logix has multiple user options, such as; Full, Casual, and Read-Only Access Users and also both Named and Concurrent User Options.
  • Multi-Site Licensing Deploy Contract Logix throughout entire Enterprise with multi-site licensing options. (e.g. Multiple location options.)
  • Unlimited User Option Contract Logix can be licensed based on specified numbers of users or unlimited user options.
  • Deployment Options
  • SaaS / Cloud Contract Logix hosts the System within our SAS70 Type II / SSAE No. 16 Data Center, and the Customer accesses the System right over the web using a standard Internet Browser such as Internet Explorer.
  • On-Premise Windows Customer installs the system within its infrastructure.
  • On-Premise Web/Internet Customer installs the system within its infrastructure, and Users access the system using a standard Internet browser.
  • User Types (Options)
  • Full User A Full User is typically a day-to-day user which adds, creates, and edits contract records and documents. Administrators and Super Users would also be this type of user.
  • Casual User A Casual User can edit and manage contracet records, and generally they may be part of approvals, document reviews, etc. Typically these users are not day-to-day users.
  • Read-Only User A Read-Only User can lookup contract records and documents, run reports, however; they cannot add or edit contract records.
  • Central Repository & Searching
  • Central Repository for Contract Documents and Data
  • Store unlimited number of contracts and/or documents
  • Link related agreements (Master/Sub Relationships)
  • Create and Design Views/Screens by Contract Type
  • Easily search and sort your repository to find contracts
  • Both standard and user defined search criteria
  • Full Text Search of all System fields, screens, and tabs
  • Full text search of support documents (Word, PDF, Excel, etc.)
  • Contract Data
  • Capture unlimited data for each/any contract type
  • Assign type, statuses, and other classifications to contracts
  • Capture and Manage milestone dates
  • Identify internal and external points of contact
  • Manage dollars and cents (Fee Schedules / Calculations)
  • Highlight unique provisions, terms or other clauses of interest
  • Delegate tasks / manage deliverables and receivables
  • Capture on or many contacts per contract
  • Custom Data fields throughout the entire System
  • Easily rename System fields and terminology as needed
  • Data Entry Audit Trails track all modifications (Who, What, When)
  • Server-side processing of workflows, alerts, and other processes - NEW
  • Document Management
  • Organize all documentation relevant to the agreement
  • Secure document storage / Control access to documents
  • Display document status and other relevant details
  • Import electronic documents of virtually any file type
  • Scan paper contracts directly into the system
  • Document version control
  • Full audit and history trail for your documents
  • Compare any document or version to show differences
  • Collaboration & Negotiation
  • Negotiate contracts using Microsoft Word within the system
  • Check-in/Check-out tools (procedures)
  • Automatically compares documents for accurate revisioning
  • Change notation and lists
  • Email agreements directly from the system and track emails sent
  • Track/Process negotiation steps using integrated Action Items
  • To Do List and automated emails alert you of next steps
  • Paperless document execution with E-Signatures
  • Document Approval Routing
  • Robust request module allowing contracts to be generated from anywhere, anytime NEW
  • Manage Contacts
  • Capture and manage contacts / parties related to agreements
  • Assign contract owners and other relevant internal personnel
  • Manage external corporate and personnel contact info
  • Security
  • Full Role-based Security
  • Control who, what, when, where across System
  • Assign access levels for System and Contract Categories
  • SAML Single Sign-on (SSO) federated authentication - NEW
  • Compliance
  • Maintain contract history for auditing
  • Full Audit Trail for Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
  • Maintain Compliance Standards / Compliance Reporting
  • Standard Reporting / Graphing
  • Choose from Standard reports of System Data
  • Report criteria wizard makes alerting reports easy
  • Save reports to Excel, PDF, and other formats
  • Email Alerts/Alarms
  • Set email alerts for any of your contract milestone dates
  • Fully Configurable Alarms
  • Send alerts to unlimited internal and external contacts
  • Designate recipients from system or email system contacts
  • Customizable email templates (Unlimited Templates)
  • History and confirmation of emails sent
  • Integrates with most Email Clients (Outlook, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, etc.)
  • Check-In/Check-Out (Document Routing)
  • Check-Out documents and email to parties
  • Check-out Documents using secure web link/url to parties
  • Save Documents to Local System or Network
  • Check-out Documents for E-Signature
  • Check-out Documents with Approval Routing
  • Ad-hoc Report Writer
  • Create, design,and save unlimited custom reports
  • Easy to use wizard-like interface designed for end users
  • Design wizard allows easy formatting of reports
  • Filter wizard makes selecting groups of information easy
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Conveniently show almost any data or report (To Do's, Reports, etc.)
  • Sticky-note reminders (Place them on dashboard)
  • Fully Configurable
  • Personalize dashboard (Add company colors and logos)
  • Document Approval Routing
  • Quickly and easily route documents for reviews and approvals
  • Send to one or multiple parties simultaneously
  • Eliminate the time-consuming internal sign-off and intialing processes
  • Track approvals in real-time
  • Approval history
  • Stakeholders can approve, approve with changes, or reject changes in documents
  • E-Signatures
  • Easier and quicker way to sign and execute agreements
  • Eliminate the time-consuming print, ship, sign, copy, return, scan cycle
  • Track contracts signatures in real time
  • Enable customers to sign agreements electronically
  • Fully integrates with EchoSign, Docusign, and Sertifi electronic signature software
  • Workflow Module
  • Create and design an unlimited number of custom processes
  • Define unique business rules and requirements
  • Route documents and Action Items to appropriate parties
  • Dyanamic workflow task and to do lists
  • Send steps sequentially or simultaneously
  • Multiple workflow triggers
  • Instantly track and notify parties
  • Contract Authoring and Creation Module
  • Create new contracts quickly from Clause and Template Library
  • Clause library allows central storage of approved legal language
  • Designate alternative language clauses
  • Template library for drag and drop creation of contract templates
  • Automatically tracks and maintains changed language
  • Dynamically merge data into document templates from record
  • Assign rights and usage security to clauses and templates
  • Import Module (Data/System Integration Tool)
  • Import contract data directly into the system
  • Integrate with any internal system (ERP, Accounting, CRM, etc.)
  • Import single or batch records
  • Import data from mutiple documents formats (txt, csv, etc.)
  • Provides an audit log for imports
  • Run and/or schedule unlimited imports
  • Real-time JSON/REST API integration with CRM, ERP, financial, and other systems - NEW
  • Export Module (Data/System Integration Tool)
  • Export contract data directly into the system
  • Integrate with any internal system (ERP, Accounting, CRM, etc.)
  • Export single or batch records
  • Export data to mutiple documents formats (txt, csv, etc.)
  • Control formatting of export files and fields
  • Run and/or schedule unlimited exports
  • Available Services
  • System Consulting / Configuration
  • On-Site and On-Line Training
  • Data Migration / Conversion
  • Custom Development
  • Support
  • Application Maintenance

Group Edition

Group Edition Information & Links

The Group Edition is a simple, yet complete contract management system. It's perfect for any small business or workgroup looking to better organize and manage contract documents and data. Flexible tracking features!

Professional Edition

Professional Edition Information & Links

The Professional Edition is a comprehensive contract management system. It's perfect for any size business looking to manage the complete contract management process. It's comprehensive, and incorporates all of the tools and features you'll need from start to finish!

Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Edition Information & Links

The Enterprise Edition is our most robust and powerful contract management solution. It's designed for mid to large sized organizations looking to automate and manage agreements across their entire enterprise.